I walked into your smile

Oh beguiling One

So soft and warm

Like honey melting on the skin

To lick and take a drop of you

Into my heart to keep

For all times sake

Your sweet intent


The Skin that does Not Fit



Cringing from my own humanity

I ride in floods of burning shame

Around a seeming gutter sea of need

And want so much it feels I swim a sewer

River of desire the tide rising

Ever higher a steaming swamp of me

Drowning heavily

And all too unacceptably

Before you all

The Rainbow Cat


I knew a cat who liked to roll

In rainbows strewn across

The road as if the colours

Could imbue into its living bones

And cats could wear

The favoured coat of many colours

And the smell of purple pink and green

Could lift its senses so

The notes of music caught

Within the shades could seep

And feed the starving heart

Of strays



Soul sitting in my weary rocking house

I climb the high stairway of consciousness

And held aloft

Remain in history lost

Turning pages of faces long ago

Full albums in the head

Of what had been said and done

By whom to who

People I knew

As amiable once as finger and thumb

As close as eye to lid to me

And now no more to say

They stay locked in memories timeless smile