The Garden of Noses


In the garden where noses grow

And eyes of morning dew are moist and

Wag like nodding iris on their heady stalks

And chins are wobbly

On their stems of long reed grass

And tall above the dimpled cheeks of mossy undergrowth


I elected to select a posy of a face

I chose the ugliest nose to sniff

The darkest eye to see

A chin so full and fat

That swallows the lips and mouth

So that I can not tell of my largesse

My unrest


The posy of my neighbours faces

Grace their tables laid with fair

So fine and sound for all to see

And find such beauty there

But my face unbalanced

About to topple and spill

Clashing with wild colours

And thorny with disarray

Displays conflict, mess

Disharmony, disgrace

Shows loss and soft with weakness

Bends heavy with sad weight

And falls away from itself

In fearful rejection

Of it’s own leaning to


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