Take me to a Time


Take me to a time

Where I may find

My smile in my smirk

That grins and bears

All things thrown

With teeth on edge

Of reason held and knuckles

Gripped too white and thin

I wish to swim in water

Soft with oil so to soothe

The ache within the making

Of my hopes to walk

Into a new and different day

© K J Barr


Doggerel For Xmas


I refuse to bow

At the behest

Of the great

Consumer fest so foul

A feast so ugly in excess

Of greed I need

To not go shopping, dropping

At the temple of the superstore

For more of less true satisfaction

Whilst the needy starve and

I am blessed with

Malefaction of dissent

I won’t relent

In my elected

Season of rebellion

At Xmas time

No kiss under

No mistletoe so false

From me

© K J Barr

Knee-Deep He Preys


Beggar me please

Of this belief

That we are lost

A race deranged

I read of babies

Raped and tossed

About on sticks

By soldiers in the name

Of Gods they love

The moral codes

Of their religions

Are for others keep

And so we find

Our noble race

In all these glories

To confound

The sound of his

Almighty on his lips as

He preys knee deep

In blood of his own

Innocence slain for good


© K J Barr



If I stand stock still in soil

And reach my arms into the sky

Inviting wide and

Black as midnight spells

My hour of need

Will I grow into a tree?


Come humour me

This dire need

To sprout out from my feet

And root in earth secure

To keep me sane

And tied away from wicked flames

That fire me to fly

So game in all directions

Out at once

A tawdry firework

Displayed in shame

This pounding rage

Which stamps on my

Resounding self to beat

Into a passive retreat

Yours truly

Myself alone.

© K J Barr

Mankind Oh Kind Man


Mankind Oh kind man

With bombs you drop

To smother your mother

Your sister you rape

Your brother you fight

And daughters and sons

You murder in tons of intentions

Not to but do

All the same

To you

A plea to ears blown deaf

To tears of children’s cry

For your inheritance

That piles crime

Upon waving crime

Against your host

The earth when barren and bereft

Of life snuffed out

Will not mourn you


© K J Barr

What we Bequeath to each in Other


A breeze across the grass will blow

A tide of breath to point

A future forward way

Ahead for those

Running stray

From nation state

Who cast their fate

To the questing winds

That show the way to

Roam about the earth

In free a melody of

Discovery without borders

To drive battles

Which are ever lost

And never won

Against ourselves we fight

And run toward and from

In chase of something

Freed from fear

Of self and other

But try we must

To build a different Jerusalem

Of world in trust and true

Redemption of our kind

In kindness wide

On solid ground

And build with peace or else

Who knows

What we bequeath to each in other?

© K J Barr

A Bankers Xmas Greeting


Tied, enwrapped and trapped

At Xmas time

A parcel you are

Caught within the mean eyed squint

Of moneyed men

Assessing you for what

They due your worth

Whilst counting off

The girth of the earth

So green in sheen

Of bright and shiny eyed

Pounds and pence ringing up

Their recompense

In Pensive bank account

To have and hold

From that day forward and hoard

From those that need and

Ward the evil eye from

Spying them behind

Their bankers’ card 

Of  Xmas greeting.


© K J Barr