Rays of Light Erase


As rays of light

Erase the dark

I wake to days

Amazement I am born

Anew into a morning

Light and dancing

For a baptism of dew

With fire in the heart

That fears no thing

And loves in blazing

Colours of the sun

To rein a bow of blessings

Tied across the box of sky

And heady as the clouds

Which fly so high above

I weep with gratitude

For this

A present in the place

Of now


© K J barr


If I Have a Soul


If I have a soul

It is capitulate


Divided out between

And portioned into parcels

Packed accustomed to the habits

Cast in rigid form

Of rules I skip between

Such danger lines of fault

I fear I have to watch

To rescue from but if

A soul to speak

Be mine how fine a thing

To keep intact and pure

Secure in self and free

A revelation of the whole

Clothed only

In the naked truth

That those with eyes

Which see such things

As magical as this

Can acquiesce the essence

Of the bliss in kiss

Of risen life unto

What is, not to what should

In wooden boxed of law

And dead to breath and love


© K J barr

A Flame to Smile by



Candle head a flame

To smile by in brief

A flicker in the eye reflected

Lash to shield the glare

We stare right in the eye

Of time to see

When all is said and done

We are just this little flickering

Reflection of our stare

Into the eye of dark we do

We dare to fire

This wisp we are

This spark of light

For this moment only

Triumph of our swimming

In the great and becoming


One and all


© K J barr

Monarch of the Mountain Top



A hole

Of nothing

We are lost again

In meaning less

The ‘ness’ without

A sound and bereft

Of touch insensitive

To tongue redundant

With no music on the lip

And lid of eye in sight

Is dark and cast

Below to bury

All emotion deep

And beat it down

And cover with the earth

Surround a mound

To build a mountain

And to climb and monarch

On the top of it in rule

Of waving rag of flag

As if in such pathetic

Height we might

Escape the burial of

Those things

We can not name


© K J barr

Frozen in Motion


Frozen from motion

The heart is saved

And numbed from

Breaking up

Entirely for ever

In pause of living

Walking as in dream

Of misted lands

Where care is far away

And wrapped in wool

Like clouds around the

Mountainside too high

To trespass until spring

And then the thawing

Hurt erupts in molten Lava

Heat of tears to boiling

Pour down sides and scorch

A searing scar of such

Remembrances to bear.


© K J Barr