Come Mother



A baby calls

Out of the

Night in need

The silence broken

Come Mother

Of the Magic words


Mother make

The undoing

Of the Hate

That holds in cuffs

The binding hands

From making the escape

From lands that resonate

With echoes

Of injustice

Roams the halls

And highways of its minds

Are hostage

To the creed

Of greed it serves

No need

But that of wanting more

It feeds

The beads of sweat

That pour

From frenzied heads

That bend in slavery

Dear Holy Mother

Of many names

And ways of liberation

For we dig

Inside to find

Your hidden charm

To Save us

This disgrace

That we have made

In our rendition

Of the life

That gave us power

To erase

Ourselves away.

©  K J Barr


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