The Breakers and the Makers


People break
As easily
As winter twig
In frost to two
We crack
So brittle backed
And crumble
In the cold
Of clime unkind
We fold and go
To hiding in the dusty
Nothingness of things
Broke down
And left below
The bustling host
Of throw and throng
Those who belong
The tough enough
And strong they say
To cope who carry the load
Un-fractured for the whole
But we who break
Are the true makers
Of a different world
We are the carriers of hopes
And dreams of seemly
Seeds we sow them in our veins
The magic grains
Of human needy streaks we grow
In blood and bones
And save inside the gentle
Long of feeling flesh
We give ourselves
Into the rest
And so we break
But yes we mend
And can suspend humanity
In time
To take another turn

© K J barr


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