Fill me with no thrills
But take me soft
To lift aloft my heart
From silent sinking
Deep into the pit of me
Beyond the bone
That honed this form
Before this frame
Had played the game
Of life away
What’s done
We can not change
So heal in deed
By drawing close
To need and seep
Through pulsing blood
To drench me with your
Touch inside my womb
My flesh the very
Heft and hive of me
To waking make
Don’t lie beside
But fill the space
Wherein what’s left
So raw it sorely
Needs your hope
Inside to feel be real
Begin and bore
From far to near
You steer your kind
More gentler pace
With gracious smile
Upon your face
Your beat of heart
Can free from pain
So delicately start my soul
To live again
© K Barr


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