Sanctuary Blues


This hand is not for waving hi
A paddle now or we may die
We spin around to flounder
In the sea
And we could drown
Instead of be

Looks like we
Are for the rocks
We spin around
And now we’re dropped
Right in the swell we fall
You leaped to kick so well
And all so quick we roll
To ride in back afloat
Our boat in tide

You saw we see you say
Away but why we cry
Capsize deny
We fear the cold of ocean sway
The tides of blue you push us to
Is not as frozen deep as you
Who do not weep
But keep your borderland complete
And banded in from us
Who flee from war
But found a fate for us in store
Down under in the land of sea
Our sanctuary we can see
Our end in sight
Though is no friend
We sink to meet it
Down we wend
Below to be
Ended in the old blue sea

© K Barr


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