Bowled in the ball
Of the bubble
Next to me
I see your breath
Upon the Perspex pane
In mist as if
The life you hold
Within your sphere
So near and warm
Will rear against
Restrained containment
Rising to escape
And make
A go of it outside
Where risk and cold
Can give no guarantee
To be ok and hold
Your stake you bid
Amid uncertainty
Outside or do you stay
In hoard of hold
And hide away
From chance
You miss the happen stance
Of dancing with no script
That’s writ but only you
Could write or do
You stay to count
Your days repast away
Within your bubble
Wrapped and kept so soundly
Round about but never
To be free without
The surety that you
Could bounce right back
To see your history unfold
Before it be a sorry sore
Of far too late

© K Barr


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