I Be The Creature


I know no graceful subtlety
Of poise to pose
Or ruse of sophistry
To toy withal each day
I be this creature
Un-evolved involuntary
Force of fight goes running
Wild into fights of
Blunt and brute and crude
Which resolutely shoots
Unthinking with no aim
From lip in hapless hope
So desperate to hit with what’s acute…

No luxury of thought sublime
Is mine I find no time can wait
For rhyme divine or reason
Navigate the sound so fine of
Cultured hush attuned into
Abstract distraction
Of such other worlds
Of elevated soul
So beautiful in uplift
For each moments rest
Renewal but I only
Have the testy ugly might
Of rude re-buffing buttress of
Such fighting fuelled from fear
No height for hindsight
Here can keep no score
For what is so so sorry sore
And more much more than this
Too much is never
Ever enough to satisfy
The cry of heart in
Now and such disorder bidding
Frantic to appease
What went before

©K Barr


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