This Cover Try



For the lie

Do I cry?

With a sigh


Do not know

How to go

In the tracks

Of the cracks

Of the truths

Held to tell

Our selves

Our roots

Enfold all holes

We grow out from

That we belong

Here in this earth

Our birth

Is new and not due

From a dearth

Of what went on

Before we compensate

For loss and space

And race to bend

Each story to our endings

Wills of frailty

Turning churn we wield

Too soon by far

And singing eager

Songs of longings

Fall into with steps of

Dazed amazements

Crazed at what may bloom

Before unfolding out

To breach in full

No covert try

Is here discovered room

Of what in view

And who may be between

In you

Not soon but ripened

To the very more and core

The door of you

Is open out to walk

Right through into… Into…into

©K Barr


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