Stale of Mated my Myself


This edge

Of sharp

That cuts so deep

Is buried in the breath

Of me

In side

The inner sigh

So soft

In me it ties

To tight

Stays out of sight

And under sound

Is only ever

Found inside the mound

Of me the knot

Of what I not

Accept inception

In the deep I fear

The creeping

Of the steeped

So seeping can’t be

Peeping teeming

At the seams of me

If only ever

I could truly

Weep my way

To sleep in peaceful

Piece of me

The dearly held

The cast the cost

The cutting edge

Of it the wedge

Is lodged and never

Gets to rest

The lot inside

In tied to keep

In chide this edge

Inside the hide

So deep and could be

Other wise of wide

Of me in check to stale

Of mated by myself

In hate of me

© K Barr


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