I eat children

Their cheeky cheeks

Are tasty treats

Such food to go

I swallow whole

So edible

Digest them all

Inside install

Such hope in thrall

This hungry heart

That cannot start

To trust I bust

With overfill

Of little babies

In instil so

Good to pool

To keep them all

I take them in

Set seed begin

To germinate

Before too late

To miss the in

Of innocence  

Undo the know

A chance to grow

Not greed but need

I have to feed

I’m only sowing seed.


©K Barr




Bitter taste

Of bad inside

So sad attracts

Distractions act

To pull disaster

Close within

Implosive vacuum

Sucks my skin

Contracting thin

Until my membranes

Meet a tight knit ball

Of flesh I roll

To hide withal


©K Barr





My World is moving

Out of shapes

I’d grown accustomed to

Before my eyes

It shifts in tides

Of flow and ebb

A web of spinning

Threads unformed

Informing gossamer

Of ghostly mists

Of yet to be enlisted

Leads the way

To catch their fro

In grasp of sway

I grip reality


Hold on life


© K Barr