Melody my lady passing

How she love to sing

A little lilt dystopian

That makes a jolt to think


So blink and you can miss her

As she whistles going by

Block your ears

So you won’t hear her

Or yourself….when you cry


©K Barr


Your Arms!


In trust I jumped

Got landed

In a corner of my mind

Through trust

I jumped

Got stranded

In a land too dark to find

With eyes that will not

Ever see nor ever hear

With ears that will not

Listen to the whispers in the fear

So now I live

With echoes

Lost in caves a maze

Of mists

And now I sleep

With demons dealing

Dreams to soothe your myths


©K Barr

No Link


There is no link

I say

That sits inside

The chink I say

That sits inside my armour

If you think

The love I crave

That drives me to the brink

That lets inside

The cruelty of your

Turn aside

So much it hurts

I have no pride

No place to hide

But soul reside to

Sink into this armour

Locked inside

I say there is no link

Inside the chink

That holds the thinking

You don’t rue

The loss between

You slew me when you  

Looked right through me

Nothing doing

You eschew me

There’s no link


©K Barr





Burn brightly little flame

Gold dust in the dark

Burn brightly little love

That sits within my heart


©K Barr





My matter

For your

Meta for

For you

Is plain to see

The light

Trapped in

The colour bright

Is there for all for free


©K Barr






Streaming out
My scream of doubt
Is silent but is there
Always behind the words
I say the care I claim
The thoughts I pray
The past I lay
The future cast
It come what may
I dare declare
It scare me where
I know not how
To live the lack
Lack lacking of control
With the unknowing roll to reel…

© K Barr



Rhubarb Shoots


Rude extrusion

Flush red ripe

So berry rounded

Tip of bright

The fruit force thrusts

Up in my sight

I blush with thoughts

Of  public sight

Such sharp exquisite

Pure delight the shoots

Are pushing parting air

To forward pulse

Intrude and dare


©K Barr