I swim

No winning here

But willow weed for hair

I wear that tangles

Up in roots

Like trees too deeply

Tied below and seeped

In poisoned dive

Of waters grim like gruel

A soup so thickened

Slick in teem

Of monsters I have bred

From past mistakes

I dread to catch me

Up and out in

Swallowing to death

My chance so slim

To swim for life

This winnowing

Away from dross

To cast downstream

Am I the dream?

That’s to be saved

When sieved through

Dangers I have made

Before I knew

The power of the wave

To weave around

In face off whirling

Whip back wash of

Past mistakes

I thought I’d laid

To rest not testing

For a future

Conquest of my soul.


©K Barr


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