He used the tender

Of my heart

To wipe his arse

Then smiling asked

Me to believe

That he was clean!

©K Barr






Dive into your death

Alive go throw your hide

Into the abyss

Way below your hold

Of all you know

Let go and fall in to

The meaningless the nest

Of what is not begot and get

Yourself surrender

What you rule

Become the falling fool

Who failed and follow

All with doubt

Of what

You do not know

Let go…let go…let go

 ©K Barr


The Virgin



Call me fortress

For I fear

Defences high

You won’t get near

Or I get over

Walls so dear

Are kept to keep

You out from here

I creep to hide

In seek of safety

To reside I slide

Into the cracks

Where none can see

Lack of human contact

Will not be touching me

With very little effort

I can simply disappear

Contraction of no action

Out or in and never here

No breathing

Just a pause of breath

between the worlds of was

Suspended in no elements

I never was because


©K Barr





These gates

Can’t hold

Too late

My hates

Are breaking

Waves are rolling

Over clearing obstacles

In rage of way


Not I

A clearing make

In wake

Of detestation

Things that reek

Of all unfairness

Foul the smell

Of imbalance

I seek a cleaner air

To breathe that what

Beneath me lies

In acts that can’t undo

Themselves the rancid rot

Of what was not

Intended but ensued

Just all the same

This history no mystery


I choose

To change


©K Barr