By the wistful waters of my

Wishing washing bowl

I laid me down and wept

When I remembered…


For I’d hung my heart

Upon the memories of grief

That bend my spirit low

Like a weakened willow tree

I am falling and I cannot

Sing or dance or laugh

Like others who demand

The face of merriment

A poppet of a puppet

Propped for play…


I only speak but silently

In tongues of miseries

Such mysteries

That bar me up inside

To hold me captive

And so broken from a living life

In full let go…


Oh daughter I was born

To be destroyed and robbed

For pride of tell me ‘why’

A sacrifice not sacred

Over and again in mind

You dash me as a little one

Upon the rock

Of your conceit

My innocent potential

Still defeat and raze me bare

Right there

My shame

For all to see


By the waters of this Babylon

I lay me down to weep


© K Barr



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