Blow away

This throw away

My stow away

Of life is passing

Far too fast in never

Lasting bleed of neediness

So testing never resting

Ever wanting never getting

Doors are closing

Light no letting

In the windows

Shuttered up

The shadows falling

Low all cast of roles

Do roll into the silence

Of the night I melt

Into the whole

Below the seen

That blinds us all

From dreams

Of what we really be

In deed

I am dissolved into no substance

Left to hold or boldly cry

I live!


©K Barr


















Sadly at no have

Looking in and up and down

For meaning

Seeming this and that

Begat my back uncovered

No defence

In sense can’t find

What never can be there

A care for ever wary

Soul below this hole

Of wholly nothing

To declare a scare

Of fear in weary

Passing by a sigh

No cry or tear to fall

Into a meaningful

Embrace disgrace

A face

Has been and gone

Erased was looking

Good was looking

Bad was seeking always

That which never

Can be had



Of no construction

Never be content

Accept expecting

Disappoints relent

Intention meant

No mention

Tend to do

Undoing lost and never

Found no ground to rest

Or ease the pain

Of living life’s refrain

Constructing meaningless

A mess

Again again…


©K Barr