The grade of shaded

Shame you hide behind

Can be unpeeled

Reveal under the cover

Is the other

That you always

Are and are to be

Again you see

Look in the mirror

Glass of eyes

Reflection can detect

Anew a difference

Of view in you

Lies simply in the light

You step into


©K Barr


The Shining



Of your innocence

In essence nothing

Matters more than this

Illuminance to shine

Oh dance of star

You are not matter

So by far it

Matters not

Let’s move with love

And light emit

What’s in our hearts

For always we are

Innocence and free


©K Barr



Go brightly into darkness

Little One no candle

For a light

Only the need for


That you hold inside

To mark your way

It might you may…


There be no path or guide

For this is landscape

Only you can cross alone

To learn with no escape

We trust we must

That you will find your

Way back home again

To dream once more

With us


©K Barr

Creations Dawn


We grow our worlds

From old with words of code

Inherited these nodes

Decree the hold

Of germs organic fold

Of power turning

Over to be born

In yearning undefined

Unlearned Un-termed

Discovery in reach

Needs empty hands

Let go, take hold

Of what is host and dream

For all to seemingly

Ensue the new

Imbued horizons

Dawning long is due

For you and me


©K Barr

Just for Now


Never no better

Than I can be

Never hopefully

The worse don’t

Ask for more

If what you’re

Looking for is not in

My eye or hand

Provision of

Do not deplore


For what you see

Before your face there’s

No disgrace in that

Misplace of judgement

Base of fact move on

Is what it is and

I am what I am no more

You are you’re your


Never before or after

Do we need to heed

A thing a deed

Just in the beat of time

Occurring now

Is how we are

No better than we can

Be as before

So if the door is open

Or is closed we know

No more than walking in

Tomorrow always shows us

Nothing but our shades

Stick to this pace

Fulfil our only

Time and space

With no disgrace

We place ourselves

In now



©K Barr