Love me

Love begot

Love me

Love begot

Love me

Not begot

Not Love me


©K Barr




Things I ate

About you

Are the things

I hate but do

And you

Hate the things

That you

Had to take in

Too we do

A lot of got

To taking for

The making

Of ourselves can

We eschew

These things undo

The knots that tie

Us to the things we use

To mind us could we

Ever lose to find us

We are seekers

In our blindness

Bleeding need to

Redefine us

Make some room

Inside for new

Replace in haste

To recompense

The waste of things

We hate but ate

Inside us we may

Never rest

Until our best

Through appetite

Takes in our right

And satiates our fighting

To be free

©K Barr

The Fingering in Winter


Finger pointing to the sky

A tip so lewd

Of crocus shoot

Is rude in thrust

Through winter crust

Of frost and bite

Cannot disguise

The role of ripen

Rich and rise

The burgeoning

Of spring beneath

The seam of winter

Screened demure

In folds of skirting white

The coldness in her eyes

 Are seemingly so pure

 Belies what goes on

Underneath unseen

Unbidden and a law

Whose answer dances

For itself alone…….


©K Barr

Great Aspectations!



You and me

Will never

Wholly agree

It’s not to be

Not meant you see

I can not see

From your eye

Only I through

Filter of my life

And you through yours

Can see what we see

Separately uniquely

Ours alone

Our hone of aspect

We can only dare

To share disparity

Diversify the mysteries

Of individual histories

To pierce each otherwise

Sequestering of virgin

Home alone


©K Barr




Each of every

Breaking day

They love to hate

And hate to love

They never can

Get enough

Of any stuff will do

Forever empty taking

In too plentiful

Of lack in substance

All abundance

Of no being

Without meaning

To intend a lend

Of vacancy in soul

A hole an open door

No one at home

They left before

The rent is due

Now what of you?


©K Barr