Be Longing…


Be longing
Is all we be
Belonging in
The green and gold
Of Old Young Earth
We sing the notes
That ring ourselves
The tune we bring along
A thing we never are
Is done we won
We’re here
No place
Just taste and momentary
Touch is all we need
To breath
No battle need we lead or
Ever fight ourselves
All that we be
Is from the gold
Within the heart
From green of soul
In all the things
That we can grow
We do not know
Such stars that swim
Through galaxies of oceans in
Ourselves and out
Infinity we have
Writ on our palm
Our charms we make
Is this be longing
All we long
For we do be
This is our
Opportunity to see
The wonder of ourselves
The wealth we seek
We have the beauty
Of ourselves to see
Our light is us
Enough we have enough
In green and gold
We hold the key
We are all that
There ever can
Wherever be
So fall upon your knees
To face divinity
You’re Earth and clay
Go kiss the ground
You walk upon
You may be blessed
When blessings give
To live the green and gold
Of love within
©K Barr


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