Facing the Wall


Turn away
From walls you face
The heart let go
To stone too easily
Can crack and break
In to a million shards
Which scatter pieces
Of yourself fall under foot
So vulnerable to stealth and
Further harm instead
Keep breathing
Life into what feels
To be an empty shell
Believe your strength
Is found in weakness
Not in power
The hour of becoming
Often burns with tenderness
So frail your fragile
Hope will rally
Courage is a thing
We cannot carry
Cannot own we only
Have the way the way we’ve been
And make our fate is not
What’s seen and got
All that is there
Is more you care
Enough to face a wall
Now face yourself
You can forestall
Your choice of view
Need not be all
Dead ends the road
We walk can be much richer
Than the road that’s trod
We’re not just clod and clay
We are the breath
The breathing
Might and may
We too can have
A say I say
That walls are lonely
Things to see
And to erect
‘tween you and me
Landscapes are things
We can elect
To see around
So turn be found
Be free
To walk as you
Would walk alongside

©K Barr


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