Arrested Developments





I jailed a culprit


Threw away the key


I’m watching and I’m waiting


Who the prisoner


Him or me?




©K Barr



David and Goliath


Tiny thing a sling
To fling a stone
So primitive which flew
To slew Goliath
Fell from heights
He knew no more
His might so sore
It tumbled with a roar
To ground for David found
The little voice that told him
That he could and so he would
And when he did his world was rid
Of powers that had cowered him
A little stone
Against a mighty throne
Was all it took
For David, he was
Not alone
He had a little voice
That was his own
Which said he could
So David, of course, would…

©K Barr

Deferred Reality…an everyday existence!


On waking I broke open the news

To see if I was still here.

It didn’t say I wasn’t so I washed and combed for the day ahead.

I looked through the window and noted that the sky had not yet fallen down, or the light disappeared into a black and swallowing hole.

Apparently we all still existed, just as I remembered so I put on my shoes and ran to catch the bus.