Lilith said:


We all make mistakes, and marrying Adam was one of mine. So young and impulsive at the time, however all I can say is I learned from the experience and have moved on. In fact, a long way on….
I was the first wife, long before Eve came on the scene and had to come down from my mighty palace and fine background to get tangled up with him in the first place.
I was more than his equal in every sense, but he didn’t think so. This became glaringly apparent after I woke from the brief honeymoon period that had clearly clouded my judgement.
Was I glad to get out of that poky little hovel he called Eden and back to the wilds with my freedom and dignity intact? You bet your sweet life I was. He forgot that my lineage goes way way back, before he was even conceived of. He was from mud alright and I am from the stars and moon, the sun and also his tiny earth. What’s more, the desire too in the very hearts of little beings like him is attributed to me. Be warned, I will never let myself be taken for granted.
One other thing I want to clear up…he and his kind say my voice is like a screech owl…Well, to put the record straight, it certainly is not like a screech owl. It is the very screech owl itself, for I always come in the night, at the back of their dreams, winging it in their fears and dreads.
Oh, I have been so misunderstood. They say I steal babies, well I do not steal babies, I simply rescue them whilst their young souls retain the ability to love and laugh. This is to defend those very baby souls from being corrupted and further wounded by the Adamsis stupidity and selfishness, to say nothing of the violations they inflict behind closed doors…ooh! It makes my cold blood boil and dark eyes blaze with justified rage.
You see, I just cannot sit by and let the Adamsis get away with it. So there…that part is true. I wrap the fragile soul babies carefully up in my dark wings all nestled safe and secrete them away to a very beautiful and secure place where they can no longer be harmed. The baby souls stay there, quite content until their walking talking human selves can be strong enough to retrieve them when they wish to regain the ability to live fully alive and love…and that, makes the risks I take and bad press I get even more worthwhile.
So, if you ever hear the whisper of my wings or feel the breeze of my breath in passing just remember it is me just going about my self-appointed work as usual. SCREEEEEECH!©K Barr



Said Eve:


“the problem with Adam was that he was so boring, never wanting to stray beyond the confines of the garden. I mean, he was just content to wander around purposeless, thinking he was important by giving creatures names and getting messages from something he called God…and he Adam reckoned himself to be the mini version.  If you ask me, it was just Adams way of trying to control me and pumping up his own ego at the same time.

Understandably it got on my nerves. I could not be content with this, such a safe, cloying existence. I needed a challenge and as for the apple, well I told him straight, I looked him in the eye and said, “don’t you dare tell me what I can and cannot eat” “I will eat whatever I want, when I want and in any way I want, so there, that was that.

Oh, and by the way, there was no serpent…that was just another story he made up to explain to himself why little old me, who was supposed to be made from his rib broke the rules. From his rib? As if…don’t make me laugh!… and yes, he was that possessive.

According to him I was meant to be as obedient and tamed as he was. Not a chance, and as for being banned from Eden, let me tell you loud and clear, I walked. For after all had been said and done, I’d certainly had enough and was ready to welcome new horizons with open arms.
©K Barr

Arrested Developments





I jailed a culprit


Threw away the key


I’m watching and I’m waiting


Who the prisoner


Him or me?




©K Barr



David and Goliath


Tiny thing a sling
To fling a stone
So primitive which flew
To slew Goliath
Fell from heights
He knew no more
His might so sore
It tumbled with a roar
To ground for David found
The little voice that told him
That he could and so he would
And when he did his world was rid
Of powers that had cowered him
A little stone
Against a mighty throne
Was all it took
For David, he was
Not alone
He had a little voice
That was his own
Which said he could
So David, of course, would…

©K Barr


Little Soul


Little soul

Went flying

Into big Soul

It got burnt

Had never learnt

The mastery

Of mysteries

For love so

Heating hot

Cannot be got

Too close

For comforts

Sake it just

May wake

A passion

That could

Break the chains

Of fate and then

What then

Will there

Be left for little

Soul to do

In me and you?


©K Barr


Deferred Reality…an everyday existence!


On waking I broke open the news

To see if I was still here.

It didn’t say I wasn’t so I washed and combed for the day ahead.

I looked through the window and noted that the sky had not yet fallen down, or the light disappeared into a black and swallowing hole.

Apparently we all still existed, just as I remembered so I put on my shoes and ran to catch the bus.