Takes guts
Your guts
To heal
Your wounds
The roadways to
Your Soul
So follow flow
Of red your blood
Only the thread
That shed
To mend
The torn
So stitch
I see you do
You itch
To right what’s wrong
To sing a different song
What’s sung
You care
To dare
Your guts
Are there
Contain the only fairness
To remain
Is what you cast around
Such justice
Just is
This you see
You write your book
Of fates to be

©K Barr


Oppression and Resistance


In fields of Asphodel
They lay
The slaughtered
Their stay
In underworlds of dark
Yet can they rise again
We ask
To bask in sun
Redeem the past
May they live
To conquer death?
Is hope dispelled
Devoid of breath
For always
Life can not
No never stop
Life will grow
Where once could not

©K Barr


Memories Missives



Disinfect your facial features

From the knowledge of the damned

Smile your whiles well away

Each day in a new beginning

Of the old old records running

Ahead and behind on all sides

To greet you in meeting each moment

Hey, remember me

We met long ago

In the silent land

Of deeds not spoken of

In words that burn the lips to tell

And rip apart potential life

Not to be lived

Each day in a new beginning

Of the Old Old records running

Riot running