Lines will not define me

For I merge

With boundlessness

In earth in sea in sky

The fire in my eye

Can set alight the stars

As through the air I fly

Ethereal in cloud

I float on by like water

I will fill with grace

Perfected any space

To make my own

This living world

Of endless change

My home


©K Barr


Chant a Chance


Chant a chance for peace
For I will sing
This song of humming
Low and long into the night
Until the twilight
Breaks into the dawn
Of a new day
I will awake
To slay the dragons of the past
Behind me I will cast
A forward foot into a future
Kindly cooking promises
If only I
Can keep on singing
In this harmony
Of weaving peace into
A waking make a truce
With me and mine
The possibilities in this
The gracious beckoning of whole

© K Barr

Earth Rites


We are earth

And to earth we return

The germ in the soil

And the oil in the seed

We are the hunted fox

And the antlered deer

The rabbit that runs

And the mole that digs

The dog that lolls by the fire and the fire too

The water that quenches

The warmth and the Sun


We are the rays, the moon dust the stars

The hope twinkling in the eye and the despair

That turns its face to the wall

We are the refusal to bow

Our head to defeat

The courage to fight

The wisdom in the seeking heart

We are the strong, the weak the oppressed

We are the winners

The very well dressed

We are the losers

Who can’t find our way

And the way itself is us

And of us and us to be


We are silver and gold and diamond and stone

We are all for one

And together alone

We are the fabric

The weave and the weft

We are the life

Longing and left

The remnants of reason

When madness takes hold

For all turns in season

From heat into cold

We are the handiwork of change

Waving in time turning the page

In being the book that reads out

The beat and the magic the mystery word

Of silence listening

And the rhythmic sway

Follow me this is the way


And the song reverberates

around and around.

And we all go dancing

Into the ground.

Creation Song


The revelry of devilry

Dancing wild

Naked and free

Open under the smiles

Of a full moon round

Pregnant with the potent sound

Of life beating through the belly of the earth

To rip through the ravenous hole

The crack made wide and bloody

In violence to release the

Rupturing of pulsating love

As it tears to birth itself

Through the vulnerable mouth

In the avenue of legs

Astride creations egg so frail




Listen life uncurls quiet

From self as seed in need

Of light it climbs so high a

Spiral staircase to the stars

Receiving it with open arms

Sparked in rapt illuminations

That wrap and catch and

Toss it down again to delve and dig

To die and live to burst

In flower forth

So wide and open

In a catapulted scattering of

Loving and giving

Pouring of its very best blessings.



She was She

In the beginning

Spinning in her waters

Loving her reflection

Making love with herself

Conceiving her world in her ecstasy

Rolling it into being

Within her womb

Birthing the Earth anew

For each day

Breaks her flower open to bloom in the sun