One poem
Unites us all
Only song
Of old and new
Creations muse
In music strums
The rhythm of the
Heartbeat drums
The World
In rhythm singing rings
Within your longings
Dreams are wings
You fly within your heart
You feel
The whole of soul
The all and Knowing
Ever flowing
Underlying overriding
All surrounding
You astounding
In abiding
Just confiding
Eyes are blinding
See beyond what seems…
©K Barr


Little Soul


Little soul

Went flying

Into big Soul

It got burnt

Had never learnt

The mastery

Of mysteries

For love so

Heating hot

Cannot be got

Too close

For comforts

Sake it just

May wake

A passion

That could

Break the chains

Of fate and then

What then

Will there

Be left for little

Soul to do

In me and you?


©K Barr

Jam For Tea


In a paper cup

I sailed across

A saw tooth sea to see

The sight of the almighty

Making jam for me

The God whipped up

A measuring cup

Of sugar from the sky

And placed it on a china plate

And gave to me to try

Too cold said I to mighty God

And nodding he agreed

He warmed it up with heated breath

He added fruit a bit of zest

And there was Jam for tea.


© K J Barr


My Friend Muffin


Legs like chopsticks

Eyes like peas

Hair like pasta

Knees like cheese

With a jelly of a belly

And a pudding for a nose

Feet like meat cuts

Sausages for toes

Hands like candy

Finger licking good

Ears are pancakes

Very very good

My friend Muffin

He smells great

When he sits on my

Dinner plate.

© KJ Barr