Death is but a mask
That’s cast
Under we know
The face of soul
In which we go…

© K Barr


Gold Of Sun


Gold of sun

I bring to you

In yellow hue

Of Daffodil

My willing heart

Like honey bee

That gathers nectar

From the tree

To weave the honey

Sweet a treat

For eating

You and me

Are liquid golden

Melt of yolk

In thrust of corn stalk

Pulsing hope

Our juices run

Becoming what we be

In light and warmth

Of airy free

Our bliss in this

Is not amiss

It is the kiss of life

For you to be

From me who sees

Your beauty sees

Your need

Feeds your heart

Come feast with me


©K Barr



The joy of snowdrops

Everywhere their heads

Flop yes to springs

Within the heart

Once thought

Was winter dry and hard

So taut it hurt now opens

To the air with careful

Courage can it dare

To risk another

Wary season find a little

Wanting reason

To begin again and live


©K Barr

David and Goliath


Tiny thing a sling
To fling a stone
So primitive which flew
To slew Goliath
Fell from heights
He knew no more
His might so sore
It tumbled with a roar
To ground for David found
The little voice that told him
That he could and so he would
And when he did his world was rid
Of powers that had cowered him
A little stone
Against a mighty throne
Was all it took
For David, he was
Not alone
He had a little voice
That was his own
Which said he could
So David, of course, would…

©K Barr



The relations

Of the stationary stop

No gaps with you

You flow you know

You go with slow and fast

No lasting task

All paces are no race to you

And faces of the people

That you see and who see you

Are phantoms through a mirror

Giving glimpses of the momentary

Elemental monumental

Motioning and singing

Wild songs are yet untold

And never to be tamed

In bold unfolding freedom

You call me…


©K Barr





Centre in

The circle of

 The circling

In centre ring 

The rung is hung

Be swung in One

Become the self

No self alone

Is all the call

For ever enthral

In fall to fail

To lose the face

Embrace the taste

Of undisclosed

In grace no pace

Or rhyme no reason

We be fine sublime

Divine are free

From doing

Time and place

No case or race to test

Attest the best

 Is here in we

 can be this free…

©K Barr