To a world

From that before

Begins in raw

The skin so thin

Takes in

The suffering

What’s there before

The new arrival

Breaks the eye

Of day


©K Barr


Demeter’s dance… A Thoroughly Modern Mythology


The truth is that Demeter’s happy to hock her daughter to the cruel and sadistic whims of the Dark God in exchange for her freedom from the slavery of motherhood.

Demeter likes to dance, a free spirit and frolic aloft with the imperious Olympic Gods of the sky, forgetting the responsibilities she so hastily forsakes.

Persephone is left to do the moaning and be-wailing, the grieving of the unfair fates, held captive without a mothers love or care in the midnight halls of Hades spite.

It is always dark down there in the depths, the cold walls dripping with blood and the rats sucking at her naked, frail bones.

Her mother busy whirls away up stairs into a merry jig, giddy with the rush of her flight from the maternal ties that had once bound her. Mesmerised by the thrall of her many admirers Demeter dances and dances and dances…



When They invaded and made us into slaves and objects she decided someone had to carry the truth into the future.

She drew all her powers together and tied them into a bag which she deftly swallowed whole.  She took herself to the sea-shore and to the rhythm of the driving waves wished herself smaller and smaller until she shrank.

Impregnated with her secrets and no bigger than one of the million grains of unidentifiable sand that scatter the beach she crawled into the crevices of a sea shell to hide and wait.

safe…until the time comes when she may return, grow to her full size and give birth…