Mother said

I never should

Play with Gypsies

In the wood

Who are Gypsies?

Then I asked

I am she said

Walking past


©K Barr


Innocence in Fall


Innocence in beauty

You chose to walk by me a while

Not knowing danger

In your Hood of Red so ready ripe


Your eyes swim in

Warm hands to hold

And smiles to greet the world

So safe and fresh and yet

You chose to walk beside me

In the smell of your dress so strong

A flower giving out a song

Of fruit to harvest you

Are wrapped in the Morning of your life

And I am ready

To peel apart today

And drink the dew of you

So deep and sweet to eat

Your very perfect seed

I am a wolf in need

Heed Quick My Warning

And Run Fast

For the green green forest grows dark

And there are many paths to lose