Little Soul


Little soul

Went flying

Into big Soul

It got burnt

Had never learnt

The mastery

Of mysteries

For love so

Heating hot

Cannot be got

Too close

For comforts

Sake it just

May wake

A passion

That could

Break the chains

Of fate and then

What then

Will there

Be left for little

Soul to do

In me and you?


©K Barr


The Frog


Don’t shame me

With kind eyes

Smiling soft

Or hold me tender

In your embrace

Don’t humiliate me further

With sweet wishes for my care

That kiss and tell

Me I am a frog

Who croaks and can not sing

Your happy songs

Don’t fish me from

My rancid pond

Where I eat fly’s

And bed with slugs

Don’t redeem me with

Your heart so pure

It hurts you

Can not cure me


I tuck myself into a ball

To roll in darkness

Hide and crawl

From the light of your radiant, fond dream.