On the line!


Mr God

Calling Google


Toll Free

Lost his browser

Don’t know how to

Get his power

Back please!


©K Barr


Good God!


My gods bigger

Than your god

So I am

Better than you

My God’s morals

Are more good

So I am better

Than too

Those who know

No God

Have no one

Better than who?


What then of those

Whose only care

Can be to show

And dare to share

The nakedness

Of powerless

In scare of life…


©K Barr




Very messy

In the mass

Of motion

That is nest of me

Dis-order unarranged

In process of a change

Not meditated


Not so strange

As when you see

Such perfectly

Aligned refinement

Of design will never

Ring the bells

Of truth to tell

The tales of life

Are active


As we go rolling

Tolling stories

As unfolding tales

Of living we’re in

Strife to be alive

Not dead and said


©K Barr