Lilith said:


We all make mistakes, and marrying Adam was one of mine. So young and impulsive at the time, however all I can say is I learned from the experience and have moved on. In fact, a long way on….
I was the first wife, long before Eve came on the scene and had to come down from my mighty palace and fine background to get tangled up with him in the first place.
I was more than his equal in every sense, but he didn’t think so. This became glaringly apparent after I woke from the brief honeymoon period that had clearly clouded my judgement.
Was I glad to get out of that poky little hovel he called Eden and back to the wilds with my freedom and dignity intact? You bet your sweet life I was. He forgot that my lineage goes way way back, before he was even conceived of. He was from mud alright and I am from the stars and moon, the sun and also his tiny earth. What’s more, the desire too in the very hearts of little beings like him is attributed to me. Be warned, I will never let myself be taken for granted.
One other thing I want to clear up…he and his kind say my voice is like a screech owl…Well, to put the record straight, it certainly is not like a screech owl. It is the very screech owl itself, for I always come in the night, at the back of their dreams, winging it in their fears and dreads.
Oh, I have been so misunderstood. They say I steal babies, well I do not steal babies, I simply rescue them whilst their young souls retain the ability to love and laugh. This is to defend those very baby souls from being corrupted and further wounded by the Adamsis stupidity and selfishness, to say nothing of the violations they inflict behind closed doors…ooh! It makes my cold blood boil and dark eyes blaze with justified rage.
You see, I just cannot sit by and let the Adamsis get away with it. So there…that part is true. I wrap the fragile soul babies carefully up in my dark wings all nestled safe and secrete them away to a very beautiful and secure place where they can no longer be harmed. The baby souls stay there, quite content until their walking talking human selves can be strong enough to retrieve them when they wish to regain the ability to live fully alive and love…and that, makes the risks I take and bad press I get even more worthwhile.
So, if you ever hear the whisper of my wings or feel the breeze of my breath in passing just remember it is me just going about my self-appointed work as usual. SCREEEEEECH!©K Barr





In the weak mid-winter

Of my soul I know

The whole of me

Can grow


My own inside

The kind humanity

I long to be

This freedom

Is our end

In this beginning

We can send

Ourselves to rest

Be safe at home

In earth this body

Each hour in trust

To fear no evil

It will be as dust

Borne lightly on the wings

Of wise that span so wide

All time will not divide

The weak Mid-winter

Of each soul

I know is pure is whole

Is thine and mine

We are each one

Divine seek truth

Through bleak

Mid-Winter week

See soul and know.


K Barr


The Pheonix Rises


How long in the ashes

How long in the fire

Before the Phoenix rises

Cutting wide the skies

To rise on the plume

Of a new born glory

Bearing a new life

Of becoming before

The fiery flesh consuming flame

And burnt to cinder feather

Is dried and dead as ash

Blown by the winds breath

Nothing left before the phoenix rises

When will the lightening power

Cede to conceive the birth

How long

Before the phoenix rises

We wait and the wait is long

Too long we say

Way past a thousand tears

Past well past the dodder

Of the mad old men

Ranting in wishes

Who raise their sticks

To skies blind to hopes and fears

That cry to closed resounding ears

Now now…we need!

And the cawing of the crows

Echoes round the mountain sides

Of bleak peaks spinning wind

Through shadow and light

Curs round in mist and low circling

Hope goes slipping down the slope

And far far away

Never to be collected

Before the Pheonix rises

It is now too long and

Past the burning

Of the yearning wound

Raw open and bleeding in need

The longing full spent

And unredeemed

For a phoenix to rise

From ashes

The hopes have died

Like outed flame once thrown

A dream in remembrance

Nothing left

Before the phoenix rises

And then the unexpected

Miracle occurs


Hidden from eye

Silent in secret and wrapped in hush

The wing unfolds

To spread its girth

And rise

We miss it or does it miss us?

Such delicate winged potency

Becoming in a new fledged flight

When suddenly

Up thrusts the phoenix

To shake grief and slumber from our frame

With thunder from the splitting flames

Which roar upright to ignite

In flash of lightening

Cracking the cooked egg open

Like halves of the heart broken and tossed aside to fall

The phoenix rises……..

Innocence in Fall


Innocence in beauty

You chose to walk by me a while

Not knowing danger

In your Hood of Red so ready ripe


Your eyes swim in

Warm hands to hold

And smiles to greet the world

So safe and fresh and yet

You chose to walk beside me

In the smell of your dress so strong

A flower giving out a song

Of fruit to harvest you

Are wrapped in the Morning of your life

And I am ready

To peel apart today

And drink the dew of you

So deep and sweet to eat

Your very perfect seed

I am a wolf in need

Heed Quick My Warning

And Run Fast

For the green green forest grows dark

And there are many paths to lose