Let Your Light….



you look for me


 I am lost

Just look within

For there you find

The piece of mind

You thought was me

Had left behind

I sit in waiting

All along for you

To realise

Nothing wrong

In you

I long for you

To know me

To hold me and

To grow me

To show to me

That waiting world

Of bright that calls

To me to live in light

Set free and be

In you alive


©K Barr







In the weak mid-winter

Of my soul I know

The whole of me

Can grow


My own inside

The kind humanity

I long to be

This freedom

Is our end

In this beginning

We can send

Ourselves to rest

Be safe at home

In earth this body

Each hour in trust

To fear no evil

It will be as dust

Borne lightly on the wings

Of wise that span so wide

All time will not divide

The weak Mid-winter

Of each soul

I know is pure is whole

Is thine and mine

We are each one

Divine seek truth

Through bleak

Mid-Winter week

See soul and know.


K Barr


Wuthering Heights


Let in the heights

And lows that blow

So wuthering in winds

Around your eaves

Such singing songs

That calls your name

Let in the strain of

Caterwauling wild

Way for more on moors

Untamed bring in

The fey for there’s no time

For sleeping here

The moon is up and out

The window let her in

For she can ride you to

Her midnight tryst

To reach the baptism

Of fire that you long

So lately long to live


©K Barr