For Ever


I asked them

What the tree was like

They told me of its name

I asked again

What tree was like

They told me history

Of tree of genus seed

Of light and leaf

Bequeathed to us

In brief a twig

Of life in thrust

Like us

I asked them

What the tree was like

This mystery

Of tree of me

Of sky of sea

Of us together

What we be

I asked them

But they answered not

And then I knew

That things cannot

Begot but getting


But never ending

Motioning in flux


Life it bends

In weaves and winds

I find

I cannot lie

With names

A tree is me

And we are



Here and free


©K Barr




In the weak mid-winter

Of my soul I know

The whole of me

Can grow


My own inside

The kind humanity

I long to be

This freedom

Is our end

In this beginning

We can send

Ourselves to rest

Be safe at home

In earth this body

Each hour in trust

To fear no evil

It will be as dust

Borne lightly on the wings

Of wise that span so wide

All time will not divide

The weak Mid-winter

Of each soul

I know is pure is whole

Is thine and mine

We are each one

Divine seek truth

Through bleak

Mid-Winter week

See soul and know.


K Barr


Lady of the Loving Flame


Lady of the loving way

Of light your bright

Sun rises to make my day

In you

I find the calming

Of my waters

Deep replenishment

In deed of you my fires

Roar to fill my face

With burning flames

Aglow in flow of

Wishes all fulfilled

And sealed in the

Closed eyes of sleepy

Lands which dance on dreams

In feet that skip

Into your beauty with the heart of

Song on my lips in

Words that speak

In rich the way of truth

Through the passageways

Of time in motions

Coiling in and out

Of such perfection

Of the shout

In ecstasy of

Falling into you


© K J Barr

Come Mother



A baby calls

Out of the

Night in need

The silence broken

Come Mother

Of the Magic words


Mother make

The undoing

Of the Hate

That holds in cuffs

The binding hands

From making the escape

From lands that resonate

With echoes

Of injustice

Roams the halls

And highways of its minds

Are hostage

To the creed

Of greed it serves

No need

But that of wanting more

It feeds

The beads of sweat

That pour

From frenzied heads

That bend in slavery

Dear Holy Mother

Of many names

And ways of liberation

For we dig

Inside to find

Your hidden charm

To Save us

This disgrace

That we have made

In our rendition

Of the life

That gave us power

To erase

Ourselves away.

©  K J Barr