To Touch


Touch that gives
Touch that takes
Touch that makes
And touch that fakes
Touch from hate
Or touch to wake
Touch is such
A bit too much
Complexity that
Longs to speak
Touch withheld
Stays out of reach
Touch too much
Or not enough
Touch for love
Or touch for luck
Touch for like
And touch to fuck
Touch from need
To do your deed
Touch to seed
Or grab in greed
In touch believe
The heart reveals
What it conceives
Then what it deals!

©K Barr




I am no thing

To be or see to do

Be touched or touch

And therefore

I am all things

Free this everything

Is me we walk like gods

In seeing nothing

We can see


©K Barr

The Traveller


Got to get to some place

Any place but here

Got to get to other things

Any thing not near

For here I am

Inside beside along

This side of fear I am

Beside residing in what’s

Here I am aside my self

So dear the cost of reeling

From this feeling

Like a dreaming

Has no meaning

Nothing leaning

I am lost

I was but am not here

To pay for loss of living

To be any place

Or face or needing

Any space not here!


©K Barr

Prose Prophesy and Prosthesis


When in the comicals

Of waste and slime

I see descriptions

Of the fair no blight

Such beauty making

False a crime

Are these but prophesies

In this our time

For we that look upon

Our best and worst

Should we so light

Dismiss a curse

In praise of what

We’d rather see

Could not our tongues

Seek skill sublime

To word the whole

Divine complexity

We be beyond

Mere beauty

We are free

To mar or mark

The all of you

That’s also in

And of the All

In all of me


©K Barr