Be Longing…


Be longing
Is all we be
Belonging in
The green and gold
Of Old Young Earth
We sing the notes
That ring ourselves
The tune we bring along
A thing we never are
Is done we won
We’re here
No place
Just taste and momentary
Touch is all we need
To breath
No battle need we lead or
Ever fight ourselves
All that we be
Is from the gold
Within the heart
From green of soul
In all the things
That we can grow
We do not know
Such stars that swim
Through galaxies of oceans in
Ourselves and out
Infinity we have
Writ on our palm
Our charms we make
Is this be longing
All we long
For we do be
This is our
Opportunity to see
The wonder of ourselves
The wealth we seek
We have the beauty
Of ourselves to see
Our light is us
Enough we have enough
In green and gold
We hold the key
We are all that
There ever can
Wherever be
So fall upon your knees
To face divinity
You’re Earth and clay
Go kiss the ground
You walk upon
You may be blessed
When blessings give
To live the green and gold
Of love within
©K Barr


Facing the Wall


Turn away
From walls you face
The heart let go
To stone too easily
Can crack and break
In to a million shards
Which scatter pieces
Of yourself fall under foot
So vulnerable to stealth and
Further harm instead
Keep breathing
Life into what feels
To be an empty shell
Believe your strength
Is found in weakness
Not in power
The hour of becoming
Often burns with tenderness
So frail your fragile
Hope will rally
Courage is a thing
We cannot carry
Cannot own we only
Have the way the way we’ve been
And make our fate is not
What’s seen and got
All that is there
Is more you care
Enough to face a wall
Now face yourself
You can forestall
Your choice of view
Need not be all
Dead ends the road
We walk can be much richer
Than the road that’s trod
We’re not just clod and clay
We are the breath
The breathing
Might and may
We too can have
A say I say
That walls are lonely
Things to see
And to erect
‘tween you and me
Landscapes are things
We can elect
To see around
So turn be found
Be free
To walk as you
Would walk alongside

©K Barr

Springtime of Your Soul


The need

For your true

Only stow

Of secret Seeds

Your store

 To sow

Let grow now throw

Away restrictions husk

Let burst the casting coat

You wore

Go thrust through form

That held you well

All winter warm

And safe enough

To swell desires

Core for more

Of richly ripe

So ready raw

The rude extrusions

Of your soul

That have to give

And give to live

So live it well

Your welling will

Yes, fill up deep

From wishes draw

Sweet dreams and spin

Your spells expel

Seep into ground

Around you stand

See understand

What you become

When letting go

Your one and only

True to seed

You’re more

Not less

In giving feed

Your spirit

Lead your heart

Fulfil your longing

Spring your start.


©K Barr



One poem
Unites us all
Only song
Of old and new
Creations muse
In music strums
The rhythm of the
Heartbeat drums
The World
In rhythm singing rings
Within your longings
Dreams are wings
You fly within your heart
You feel
The whole of soul
The all and Knowing
Ever flowing
Underlying overriding
All surrounding
You astounding
In abiding
Just confiding
Eyes are blinding
See beyond what seems…
©K Barr

Oppression and Resistance


In fields of Asphodel
They lay
The slaughtered
Their stay
In underworlds of dark
Yet can they rise again
We ask
To bask in sun
Redeem the past
May they live
To conquer death?
Is hope dispelled
Devoid of breath
For always
Life can not
No never stop
Life will grow
Where once could not

©K Barr


Beyond the Veil


See through
Your veil
If you avow
To seek beyond
What you can see
To feel what you
Have never felt
Before those dreams
You never had
To find what you
Do love so much
It hurts to be alive
This ecstasy of diving
Into ocean streams
Of living widely open
Means to go beyond
Where you have been
To blow like leaves
Upon the winds
Of happenstance
Your chance
The future
In your hands
Your heart
Will always start
Again to care
To see beyond
The veil you wear

©K Barr