Be Longing…


Be longing
Is all we be
Belonging in
The green and gold
Of Old Young Earth
We sing the notes
That ring ourselves
The tune we bring along
A thing we never are
Is done we won
We’re here
No place
Just taste and momentary
Touch is all we need
To breath
No battle need we lead or
Ever fight ourselves
All that we be
Is from the gold
Within the heart
From green of soul
In all the things
That we can grow
We do not know
Such stars that swim
Through galaxies of oceans in
Ourselves and out
Infinity we have
Writ on our palm
Our charms we make
Is this be longing
All we long
For we do be
This is our
Opportunity to see
The wonder of ourselves
The wealth we seek
We have the beauty
Of ourselves to see
Our light is us
Enough we have enough
In green and gold
We hold the key
We are all that
There ever can
Wherever be
So fall upon your knees
To face divinity
You’re Earth and clay
Go kiss the ground
You walk upon
You may be blessed
When blessings give
To live the green and gold
Of love within
©K Barr


Lady of the Loving Flame


Lady of the loving way

Of light your bright

Sun rises to make my day

In you

I find the calming

Of my waters

Deep replenishment

In deed of you my fires

Roar to fill my face

With burning flames

Aglow in flow of

Wishes all fulfilled

And sealed in the

Closed eyes of sleepy

Lands which dance on dreams

In feet that skip

Into your beauty with the heart of

Song on my lips in

Words that speak

In rich the way of truth

Through the passageways

Of time in motions

Coiling in and out

Of such perfection

Of the shout

In ecstasy of

Falling into you


© K J Barr

The Intruder


Something stole inside

Came in through the garden gate

Where I asleep

In drowsy heap

Amongst the melting honey heat

The hum of hazy buzz of bee

Stole my shoes

Took my keys

Broke the padlocks

Left everything open

Spilling over and out

The wind blows right through

With a blast and a chill

My mouth and heart frozen agape

My life ajar

The ghosts stroll forth

To walk at will

Both in and out

And all about

I cannot shut the doors

Or move to close the windows

My feet are bare as white bone

I cannot leave this house

Under a midnight moon.





I am on Fire

I am Burning

My blood is the blood of the Healing River

Flowing Swift and Strong

My breath is mighty as the mountains

I am full to blow by Spirit



My Abundance is Overflowing

I am Cascading

Drink Me

Eat ME

For I am Ripe

Concerns drop like dead leaves around my feet

Flowers of Joy Burst from my heart

All the colours of the Rainbow

Spring from my Hand

Streams from tips and toes

My eyes pour light on a world that once was dark

I am brimming with Golden Energy

Radiating from centre soul

Oh Heavy Light

I am weighted with Transformations.