Song of Belonging


In the silent

Soundlessness of place

That holds no space

For you no sound

Aloud you make’s    

Allowed no round

Of echo aches

Reverberate to make

You wake to self

Move on for song

Inside it longs

For chamber music

Strong to own

Out proud we are

Such singers that need ring

The changes

World make room

For here we come

We are the chorus

Of the soul not lost

But found this ground

Is place enough for us

To sing we bust with life

Our thrust is forward

Trust us all the earth

Is ours in song


©K Barr






Here lies the hour

Of your power

Watch your heart

Unfold a flower

Feel your mind

Touch elemental

Truths unwind

You are in kind

The motioning

Of living breath

The quest of

Reasoning’s unrest

The best in time

Sublime for

Every moment

Does not wait

For you are it


©K Barr