Jack and Joan’s
Buried bones
Made a story
Never to be told
There they fade
In shade of leaf
Shed no tear
They left no grief

©K. Barr


Land Locked


Look at the life
That lives through a keyhole
Keeping the strife
Locked up inside
Tiny perspective
Leaked through a peephole
Too much to hide
Absent of pride
Watching the wide
Can’t tell a lie
Escape of a sigh
Can it get by
Before the going going
Gone too late

©K. Barr

The Walking Corpse


This is the story
Of the walking corpse
Inhibit not
This exhibit moves
It eats
Its sleeps like you
No difference there
But see it breathe
There is no life
No love no care
No would be dare
No spirit animates
The ache of weight
To bear
Mechanical it functions
Just like you
But where oh where
Was there and ever is
A who?

K. Barr



I don’t have no love to give

For I am Love

I don’t need no love to get

For I am love

I am the circle complete

The triangle angled

The square rooted

Who and what we are

I am without

The within

For I am within

The without

The shouting of a whisper

Thin and full

No beginning

Or ending

I am all

Of wealth no lack

With you in self


©K Barr




Nothing but the breath

I hold

A moment in my lungs

To let it go

I’m free


Going nowhere

I go everywhere

In mind and heart

I care to fly above

Below I know

This only thing

I do not know

I cannot even

Grow am grown

Torn down

Without a frown

No tear or thing

Too dear to weigh

Me back I lack

No thing I need

Only the air

And to be fair

Between us Just

A must

Concede this only

Always lonely

Without truth

©K Barr