Babel Towers



If you

In your

Inner Instructs

To construct

To reduct

By upping

Your things

On your things

That’s on top of your things

It all come tumbling down


©K Barr


Transition of Ambition


Once I thought

That I would climb

The top of mountains

In my prime

Then stand around

The land to see

The people looking up at me


But now I know

There is

No way to go

But down inside

Myself to know

The only route

To truth is through

The mock eaves

Of the upside

Root of you

And me to meet

In landed rounds

Of soundly

Greet do we


©K Barr

To Tread With Stealth


To cast no shadow
Where we walk
How we long
To tread with stealth
Of gentle if at all
Such beauty steals your soul
In thrall of harmonies
That strike the sharpest chord
A resonance of feeling right
In throb of opening to pulse
Vibration without reason
To withhold the self
Or other second guess
The world’s exquisite balance
Of the all and well in moments
That are stepping stones
Of perfect poise
Of synchronised complicity
A city of the shining
Lights in eyes
Behold the best
Of such humanity at rest
Reflective essence
Of the each in other
Pure the land we walk
Where shadows are not cast
For hiding in our shame
Of what we
Cannot share in give
And get instead the pain
Of loneliness in separations
Shadow cast of night
And walking in the light
Is just to dream

© K J barr.