Gold Of Sun


Gold of sun

I bring to you

In yellow hue

Of Daffodil

My willing heart

Like honey bee

That gathers nectar

From the tree

To weave the honey

Sweet a treat

For eating

You and me

Are liquid golden

Melt of yolk

In thrust of corn stalk

Pulsing hope

Our juices run

Becoming what we be

In light and warmth

Of airy free

Our bliss in this

Is not amiss

It is the kiss of life

For you to be

From me who sees

Your beauty sees

Your need

Feeds your heart

Come feast with me


©K Barr




Things I ate

About you

Are the things

I hate but do

And you

Hate the things

That you

Had to take in

Too we do

A lot of got

To taking for

The making

Of ourselves can

We eschew

These things undo

The knots that tie

Us to the things we use

To mind us could we

Ever lose to find us

We are seekers

In our blindness

Bleeding need to

Redefine us

Make some room

Inside for new

Replace in haste

To recompense

The waste of things

We hate but ate

Inside us we may

Never rest

Until our best

Through appetite

Takes in our right

And satiates our fighting

To be free

©K Barr

The Look for Love


The look for love
Is do or die
The soul folds back
Into the self
Balls tight
A fist to fight
An armoured shell
In bid to save itself
From hell it digs
A ditch to dwell
In pitch of black
Where all is lack
Of colour
Longing for a song
It deafens ears
From sound around
Away from cries
Of want
It craves
Only a cave
In which to hide
The miss of missive
A defeat
So great
Drop of height
From which a fall
To certain death
In heart is sure
No starting there
To care below a
Closing of the self
From each and everything
About is down
To dusty nothingness
To satisfy an appetite
For life

© K J barr