Springtime of Your Soul


The need

For your true

Only stow

Of secret Seeds

Your store

 To sow

Let grow now throw

Away restrictions husk

Let burst the casting coat

You wore

Go thrust through form

That held you well

All winter warm

And safe enough

To swell desires

Core for more

Of richly ripe

So ready raw

The rude extrusions

Of your soul

That have to give

And give to live

So live it well

Your welling will

Yes, fill up deep

From wishes draw

Sweet dreams and spin

Your spells expel

Seep into ground

Around you stand

See understand

What you become

When letting go

Your one and only

True to seed

You’re more

Not less

In giving feed

Your spirit

Lead your heart

Fulfil your longing

Spring your start.


©K Barr




My voice

Is the voice

Of many tongues

In dialects long lost

And yet to be

I speak only

Of things unseen

In meanings

That set free

Your heart to fly

In mysteries unknown

For that is only

And forever where you

Always will belong

Your song is free


©K. Barr



Go brightly into darkness

Little One no candle

For a light

Only the need for


That you hold inside

To mark your way

It might you may…


There be no path or guide

For this is landscape

Only you can cross alone

To learn with no escape

We trust we must

That you will find your

Way back home again

To dream once more

With us


©K Barr

Letting Go



In the highways

The by-ways

And dry ways

The my ways

Of mines in the self

Where to dig

And to delve

For the treasure

That measures the pleasure

Of worth if I whether

The wither

Of storm up above

In the leisure of dearth

Down below

Where I grow

Or deplete all my store

Am I sorely deprived?

When I lied

In that smile to cope

Holding hope and a prayer

To get there not left here

It’s too dear

To be true

Do I rue or retrieve

For relief of the self

Do I leave or let go

I don’t know?


©K Barr