The Guise


Wearing her clothing
Disguising self-loathing
Wearing attire may
Make him feel higher
The baby that goes
Without any clothes
No shame

©K Barr


Trust to Tryst



I Enter in

The inner eye

Of I divine

The gate

And you?

Who through

The mystery of you

Need never wait

Will fly so too

It’s magical

Your essence

It is beauty let it

Set you free

And all will be

In one at once with thee


©K Barr


The Traveller


Got to get to some place

Any place but here

Got to get to other things

Any thing not near

For here I am

Inside beside along

This side of fear I am

Beside residing in what’s

Here I am aside my self

So dear the cost of reeling

From this feeling

Like a dreaming

Has no meaning

Nothing leaning

I am lost

I was but am not here

To pay for loss of living

To be any place

Or face or needing

Any space not here!


©K Barr


The Shining



Of your innocence

In essence nothing

Matters more than this

Illuminance to shine

Oh dance of star

You are not matter

So by far it

Matters not

Let’s move with love

And light emit

What’s in our hearts

For always we are

Innocence and free


©K Barr