Necessity or faith
Creates a state
When cells
So bravely
Do divide
To knit the fabric
For a soul to wear
Without a tear
Or tear to cry
Sigh is born…
©K Barr




We are

Only build

In the grind

Of downing

Ground the earth

Beneath our feet

We tread

Ancestral bones

Were laid to rest

Now press upon them

All the test of deeds we do

In slew of all they knew

They gave to us

Who just become our

Dirt and dust

Under our feet

And we bequeath

To them this dance

On rest of them

We guest on burial

Of what will be

In the coming and

The over under covering

Of ourselves


©K Barr

The Shape of Things to Be


Sieve the sand

Through the fingers of your hand

Make a bowl

Hold the granular, particular

Particles as this the

Little gritty bits of truth

That threat to clog

Your way just simply

Filter wring between

The knuckles and the cleft of thumb

The why and wherefore of the action

That besets the heart to beat

And seed your resolution

In volition willing

Set your pace

To pour like wine in time

Delicious meting out a rhyme

Measured through the lingering

In slow with

Fingers threading sand to mound

Below and graduate a difference

Built in shifting hands

For times can sift and alter they

With ease like this

The shape of things

To be


© K J barr