Query of Control?


Kind when

You do not mind

Kind when you do

What kind do you


Need where there

Is no greed

Greed when we do

What feed are we

What deed we do


Me when I have

No lead

Me when I do

What me is free

How free are you…


©K Barr


Fret in a Throw


Fretting a throw

Of a threat

At my clan

Of my kin

In my tribe

Of my kind

And I fall

Far below

What I hope

To be come

What is done

By my hand

With my mind

And I find

I’m not who

I refine when

I foolish in thrall

Of my fictions

I stall

To remember

Just who

Lies beneath

What I wish

And bequeath

To the earth

At my end

Will and cease


© K J Barr

Down Way Down The Seems


Down way down
The slipping sliding slope
Whose scope spins round
In rings of wringing
Writhe of feelings
Twisted in a dizzy dam
So damned and knotted
Conflict cannot
Stop propelling the
Frustration teeming
Reams of reeling feelings
Keen and never heard
Above the din of clamouring
Inaction framed in stasis
Stopped in motion
Round the wringing
Rim of feeling
Damned in slipping down
Around the sliding slope of feeling
Low below the face of
Surface hold of this thin seam
Of seeming truth

© K J barr

Mankind Oh Kind Man


Mankind Oh kind man

With bombs you drop

To smother your mother

Your sister you rape

Your brother you fight

And daughters and sons

You murder in tons of intentions

Not to but do

All the same

To you

A plea to ears blown deaf

To tears of children’s cry

For your inheritance

That piles crime

Upon waving crime

Against your host

The earth when barren and bereft

Of life snuffed out

Will not mourn you


© K J Barr

What we Bequeath to each in Other


A breeze across the grass will blow

A tide of breath to point

A future forward way

Ahead for those

Running stray

From nation state

Who cast their fate

To the questing winds

That show the way to

Roam about the earth

In free a melody of

Discovery without borders

To drive battles

Which are ever lost

And never won

Against ourselves we fight

And run toward and from

In chase of something

Freed from fear

Of self and other

But try we must

To build a different Jerusalem

Of world in trust and true

Redemption of our kind

In kindness wide

On solid ground

And build with peace or else

Who knows

What we bequeath to each in other?

© K J Barr

To Be, To Be to Simply Be


Every feat of the heart beating

Rhyme of life leaving spent

Fighting to keep choosing

A way each day

Snatched back to catch

From oblivions brink

Of gone and lost forever over

The edge of unretrieved

The power to choose

Again and again this game

Of deathly play

Or lose the freedom falls away

So easily wooed enticed

To go roaming

so honing your wits

To keep owning has

To be won or lost

Back in battle

back to back continuous

each and every day

To be, to be, to simply be…

© K J Barr