No Nouns No Names


Words words absurdity

To herd yourself

Within some thing

To clothe these

Lithesome souls

In heavy garments

made for other

Shapes are free

Like we are

Dancing graces

Shifting places

Meanings dreaming’s

Nothing seemingly

So stuck in still

No will not us

We are the happenings

Events to be and see

To do for you

And me

We must we need

To walk alone

Without such definitions

Shackle we move free


©K Barr





Don’t fit

In here

This space

Not place

Enough for me

For free

I am

With rolling writhing

Soaring diving


Currently to be

Is not a lot

And also far too much

As such my telling

Must defy me

Always and forever

I be never

Shift contained in ever

Shall be worlds unfolding

Never to be told in

Holding mean confinement

No alignment me…


©K Barr




Define me

You malign me

Can’t constrain me

Never tame me

I am wild will to being

Livid living reeling


Can’t contain me

I’m unmade

A writhing rolling


A motion mover

Shift of shape

I am the I

In what don’t hesitate

The steam from water

Melt of rock

You are too

I do not mock

You are

Yet always


Refined in process

You are

The human in kind


©K Barr

Jack and Jill


We push ourselves
Below to roll
In shame the game
Is degradation
It’s a name we know
The same repeating
Refrain of the lost
Of heart to tell a tale
Much older than the hilly plane
We crawl to climb in vain
No gain
To toss for losing
For we do not envy
Any fool in falling
And we know this way
Is safer
Than a wide exposure
Top of windy landscape
Not an escape
From a darker world below
But show of seeing
And be seen
In doing all to bear
And knowing what is there
Beyond the small containment
Kept at bottom
Of our Hill

© KJ barr