No Nouns No Names


Words words absurdity

To herd yourself

Within some thing

To clothe these

Lithesome souls

In heavy garments

made for other

Shapes are free

Like we are

Dancing graces

Shifting places

Meanings dreaming’s

Nothing seemingly

So stuck in still

No will not us

We are the happenings

Events to be and see

To do for you

And me

We must we need

To walk alone

Without such definitions

Shackle we move free


©K Barr




Lost from love

No wealth within

Or out

Absence of sense


To trust

No meaning

To believe in

All deceiving

Walls are leaning

Keening into

Tight as bud

To bust a thrust

Of rush discovery

In life to be

Sprung solely

From the power

Of the need

In deed

Of seed that’s sown

In loss


It must…


©K Barr

Let Your Light….



you look for me


 I am lost

Just look within

For there you find

The piece of mind

You thought was me

Had left behind

I sit in waiting

All along for you

To realise

Nothing wrong

In you

I long for you

To know me

To hold me and

To grow me

To show to me

That waiting world

Of bright that calls

To me to live in light

Set free and be

In you alive


©K Barr






My parents

Never ought to

Have a daughter

Or a son begun

What then of me

This face I see

This form not servient

To their decree

I build myself

Up separately

From that dictation

Genesis no sovereign nation

I belong to all the earth

My family in birth of me

Is wide and wildly free to be


© K Barr