Trust of Self


The things
You fear to lose
Are dross
Just those
You need
No longer ‘cos
It’s love that’s strong
You make forever
Stays with you
This give and take
Of trust you choose
To build can
Never take a fall
You will withstand
More than you think
To feel your way ahead
You go into the
Never knowing
Peer into the
Not quite seeing
Visions safe within
The yet to be
You find the truth
Which sets you free
When instantly your being
You and me
I’m being me…

©K barr


To Heal…


Let me whisper how
Your healing grows
You know your knowing
Your kernel
Core has more
And more than you
Can ever dream
To hold your holding
Is your emptiness
Of things let me
Impress what seems
Is meaningless
Unless you grow
To follow in
The only thread
You sew
Your truth to flow
Your grace is this
The rest is just
The things that will not last
The future past
Is never with your now
This is your gap
Your how
The grasp of that
Which keeps
You tied to crap
Let go
You know
Your so
Your healing
Trust is just
This inner
Seed you grow
Your knowing
Kernal core
Holds more
Than you can ever dream
Your seem is not
What you’re here for
Your more and more
So own such things
Of Self you are your
Lore of letting be
Yourself in motion
Set to be there’s
Ever more your meaning
Wealth is never yore
Your feeling free
Your song unchained
Unwrit is yet
You write your self
You get to be
Your right
To heal is here
You see
Your sight
Is never blind
They say that love is
I say kind
Your kindred soul
You spin your destiny
With me we’re
This and this
We are the spinning earth
Our girth is wide
Enough to hold
Ourselves so green and
Blue we grow in to
What is to be
Become the light
That is our hope
We are our only home
We never left
So rest for life
Is not a test
Our sleep is best
When we’re awake
In wonder at the rate
We heal so feel
Complete within
The incompletion
We have all
There’s no depletion
We secrete ourselves
The substance heals
This healing’s easy
Comes so naturally
No mystery
Just actually occurs
And to concur
I leave you with
What has begun
Your Self…

©K Barr

Oppression and Resistance


In fields of Asphodel
They lay
The slaughtered
Their stay
In underworlds of dark
Yet can they rise again
We ask
To bask in sun
Redeem the past
May they live
To conquer death?
Is hope dispelled
Devoid of breath
For always
Life can not
No never stop
Life will grow
Where once could not

©K Barr


Beyond the Veil


See through
Your veil
If you avow
To seek beyond
What you can see
To feel what you
Have never felt
Before those dreams
You never had
To find what you
Do love so much
It hurts to be alive
This ecstasy of diving
Into ocean streams
Of living widely open
Means to go beyond
Where you have been
To blow like leaves
Upon the winds
Of happenstance
Your chance
The future
In your hands
Your heart
Will always start
Again to care
To see beyond
The veil you wear

©K Barr

No Nouns No Names


Words words absurdity

To herd yourself

Within some thing

To clothe these

Lithesome souls

In heavy garments

made for other

Shapes are free

Like we are

Dancing graces

Shifting places

Meanings dreaming’s

Nothing seemingly

So stuck in still

No will not us

We are the happenings

Events to be and see

To do for you

And me

We must we need

To walk alone

Without such definitions

Shackle we move free


©K Barr