In a ring
Of wondering
If I could ever go
So naked
Bare to bone
In show of
Never known before
If this person
That I wear
Whose wearing thin
Could so let go
No covering
Of under or below
Let in anew
Beginning win
Let in some light
To see
Opening a window
Seeking what may ever be….
©K Barr




Go brightly into darkness

Little One no candle

For a light

Only the need for


That you hold inside

To mark your way

It might you may…


There be no path or guide

For this is landscape

Only you can cross alone

To learn with no escape

We trust we must

That you will find your

Way back home again

To dream once more

With us


©K Barr

Creations Dawn


We grow our worlds

From old with words of code

Inherited these nodes

Decree the hold

Of germs organic fold

Of power turning

Over to be born

In yearning undefined

Unlearned Un-termed

Discovery in reach

Needs empty hands

Let go, take hold

Of what is host and dream

For all to seemingly

Ensue the new

Imbued horizons

Dawning long is due

For you and me


©K Barr

The Relevance of Awe


When you stop your wondering

Because you think you know

Your soul go’s tight and tired

Hardened cold and slow

Contracts to fact of what you hold

As truth in poverty enfold no

Shooting out your roots for more

Of what your love is calling for

Put forth through soft of seeking life’s

Discovery in every living lightness

Draw you forth by giving breath

Not be sealed and done as death

Completed told and was

Of what is old and passed

Because you knew it once

Was relevant but now is gone

Seek to live sing strong

Your song


©K Barr