Hatred is a coat I wear
So you
Do not see
The tenderness so deep
In me
So I
Do not know
The disappearing loss
Of soul
Each time I look
To say I am

Anger is a dress I wear
As if to say
I have no care
Or woe
Disguise such cruelty
Of the fact
There is no place
To go to find
A self at home
And so
I wear apparel
So you know
I’m here
In seeming
Seams of dress
That hold the fear
At bay
At best I sit
I walk and talk
With you
And who
Beneath your coat
Are you
There too?

©K Barr


Lilith – The Outcast


She shrieks

In the midnight

Howling of the wolves

She is found

Longing in shadows glanced

From the corner of the eye askance

She is found in the hoot of the owl

She sits perched

And waiting forever waiting

For the light of day

To break its mark

Across her dark disguise

And show the angel in the witch

The saint in the demonic and the Godlike

In the failure

To be a grade of day.

© K J Barr