Hatred is a coat I wear
So you
Do not see
The tenderness so deep
In me
So I
Do not know
The disappearing loss
Of soul
Each time I look
To say I am

Anger is a dress I wear
As if to say
I have no care
Or woe
Disguise such cruelty
Of the fact
There is no place
To go to find
A self at home
And so
I wear apparel
So you know
I’m here
In seeming
Seams of dress
That hold the fear
At bay
At best I sit
I walk and talk
With you
And who
Beneath your coat
Are you
There too?

©K Barr




Sliding down

The mountainside

Of ego on my rump

A bumpy ride

It burns my hide


I lied

When I told you

Not to hold me

I was strong

So now I long

For your song

To lull me

Never told me

I was wrong

In trying to belong

To the throng

Of the victorious

Inglorious am I

In truth I cry

For my weakness

Weeps me dry…

I open up my eye

And you are there

A care of crowd

In loud appreciation

Of the human designation


Broken mirrors

We are yours


©K Barr